Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I have for a long time had an obsession ( I seem to get obsessed about wierd things, boats, the colours of the sky at night) with how a society, like that of the T´skrang of the Earthdawn universe, would surround their babies and the birth of new life with ritual and meaning. In todays globalised society as well as local culture we have set rituals and traditions that are very unique, how unique wouldnt a culture centered around the hatching of an egg be? Lately ive been working with this piece i call "The Hatchlings" to see if I can work through these thoughts and find some kind of satisfactory interpretation.
I really enjoy these kind of paintings, where you give the viewer a look into something more akin to everyday life and culture. These help me give more meaning to the more action oriented pieces I do.

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  1. Love this one, and the ideas behind it. Looking forward to more.